Leading Impact

The Executive Team

Tony Salas

Chief Executive Officer

Holding a Ph.D. in crop science, plant breeding, and genetics, as well as a strong background in AgTech and innovation, Tony has extensive experience consulting in 30 countries and in over 500 agribusiness projects.

Patrick Vasquez de Velasco

Chief Operations Officer

With over 20 years in operations and supply chain in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, manufacturing and retail (Husky, Honeywell, Sodimac Homecenter), Patrick has ample international experience managing corporations onsite and in remote locations.

Miguel Angel Popolizio

Chief Agriculture Officer

As a senior ag engineer with an MBA from ESAN (Peru), Miguel has over 30 years of experience managing large scale agricultural projects, creating POEs for crop management, and leading and implementing innovative farming techniques.

Gisela Camminati

Chief Finance Officer

As a consultant in agribusiness for the IADB, IFC (WB), OECD/FAO (UN), CAF, and DEG (KFW) and former investment officer of Corporate Finance at BCP, Gisela has diverse experience managing financial strategies and investments, including raising and supervising investments of over $600M.

Christian Fernandez

Chief Administrative Officer

An experienced and accomplished financial and administrative executive for leading firms, such as BPO and Exlamar Corp, Christian brings his knowledge of managing intricate and cross-cultural corporate structures to Shared-X.

Brandon Woods

Chief Marketing Officer
Business Development Lead

With over 15 years in executive business development and marketing, Brandon has diverse industry experience in product development, go-to-market strategy execution and support, client relations and corporate organizational management.

Andrés Vázquez

President – Cann Farm

Executive with over 25 years of international experience in leading companies of the agribusiness, retail, and logistics sectors.

Sylvio Petto

Chief Executive Officer – iQBiotech

Sylvio is a business leader with over 25 years of international experience in the Food and Ag industry working for multinational companies like FMC, Cargill and Syngenta. He also brings deep experience as an investor in the AgTech space as one of the executives of Wheatsheaf where he managed their portfolio of investments in North America.

Board of Directors

John Denniston

Executive Chairman

A former Senior Partner at Kleiner Perkins, where he co-founded and co-ran the firm’s $1 billion Green Growth Fund, John is an active ambassador for Shared-X, bringing on key strategic investors and partners to continue to grow our global footprint.

Athos Staub


With over 30 years of experience, Athos has worked with McKinsey & Company, Swisscard, Aduno Group, Sanacare, and as an independent consultant. He holds a Master’s Degree in Management from the University of St. Gallen and has held C-level positions in the Consumer Finance and Healthcare industries.

Katrin Burt

Board Member

A venture capital investment professional with over 20 years of experience in banking and VC groups in the UK, the USA, and Japan, Katrin has deep experience across the full venture cycle.

John Shea

Board Member

17 years of experience in investments, with a focus on private capital and capital risk.

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