Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shared-X?

Shared-X is an agriculture impact company that lifts smallholder farmer incomes and deploys regenerative farming techniques. It has created an array of business and impact solutions along the three dimensions that comprise our ‘Impact Farming’ ecosystem: sustainable agronomy, market access, and smallholder integration. Shared-X’s goal is to catalyze a global ‘Impact Farming’ movement.

What does Impact Farming mean?

Impact Farming means access to modern technology and specialty markets for smallholder farmers, ultimately creating empowerment in global communities while promoting renewable sustainable environments.

Are Shared-X farmers or traders?

We are farmers first and foremost, where we grow high quality crops alongside smallholder farmers, sharing innovative technology and crop management experience to produce high yields, and sell our harvest together.

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©Shared-X LLC All Rights Reserved
©Shared-X LLC All Rights Reserved