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Fine Aromatic Cocoa

Extraordinary Coffee

Near the eastern jungles and in a protected zone of BIOAY (Biosfera Oxapampa Ashaninka Yanesha), Shared-X’ nearly 400 hectare organic cocoa farm is nestled between a wide curve in the Puerto Buermudez River. The farm produces four different varieties: one local variety and four fine and aromatics. While we expect small harvests for market trials in 2020, full farm production isn’t slated until 2021.

Our nearly 150 hectare organic specialty coffee operation in the central jungles of Peru boasts organic, UTZ, and Rainforest certifications, as well as conventional offerings from our network of smallholder farmers. Coffees from both the Matapalo and Cinco Corazones farms, as well as that of our associated smallholder farmers, are processed in Shared-X facilities, selected by our certified Q-Grader and quality control team, stored in our central distribution center, Entremaderos, and exported directly with Shared-X’s vertically integrated model.