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Organic Banana



Golden, organic, and Caribbean born, Shared-X pineapples from the Dominican Republic are delicious. Grown on one of the largest organic pineapple farms on the planet with easy access to global shipping routes, our consistent and high yield harvests can reach key ports in the US and Europe within days.

Organic mangos thrive in the northern desert climate with maximum sunshine and little rain, which can keep it free from pests and full of flavor. Shared-X’s strong alliances in Europe have created a direct trade commercialization relationship, just like with many of our crops.

Avocado on toast, in your salad, or eaten directly from the fruit with a spoon. There are even more ways to consume one the most nutrient-dense superfoods in the world. Shared-X organic avocado operations are creating strong partnerships with local farming associations and benefiting from a global increase in demand.

If having one of the most agriculturally strategic locations in the world to grow banana wasn’t enough, Shared-X banana operations counts on two organically certified farms that utilize central processing facilities, which are also shared with smallholder farmers.

Exporting containers of ginger each week has been a natural new business for Shared-X, which first started as farm trials alongside and in the shade of our banana trees. Now with over a year of successful weekly exports to Europe, our ginger production is expanding to meet growing demands, while at the same time protecting the environment from deforestation.

Similar to our ginger, turmeric is an ever growing business as global demand skyrockets from revelations of curcurmin’s many benefits.